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The Hardee Help Center's (HHC) H  meless Outreach mission is to compassionately serve the chronically homeless; identifying needs in order to offer services to alleviate the effects of chronic homelessness in Hardee County. For the HHC's program purposes the chronically homeless includes those people permanently living on the streets, living in a tent in wooded areas, in a park, at a shelter, or other places not meant for permanent human habitation.

Serve our H  meless Neighbors

How you can help:

What should I do if I see an individual or a group of individuals that appear to be chronically homeless?
Serving the homeless begins with making contact with them. You can help the HHC as caring and concerned citizens by being our eyes throughout the day and evening. Sharing when you see a homeless individual in our community. It is not necessary to approach the individual before sharing the requested information with our office. We do not advice approaching an individual if you are alone. You should call 911 if the individual appears to pose an immediate risk to themselves or others or there is criminal activity.   

What happens when you report a homeless Hardee resident in need of assistance?
Individuals share information using Report a Homeless Person form.  We will cross check the information provided with our by-name Homeless Registry, and attempt to locate that individual and if found directly engage the individual, assess for safety and encourage them to accept services and transition off the streets. 

What happens if someone declines help from the outreach team?
Accepting outreach efforts, including services that will help homeless transition indoors from the streets, is voluntary, and it can take months of persistent and compassionate engagement to successfully connect street homeless individuals with services. We remain undeterred in our efforts to engage them, proactively offering assistance and services, until we make the connection that will help them transition off the streets. Our team continues to reach out to offer services and help them come indoors.


You may not, unless you have personal knowledge. 
Share your information and Hardee Help Center Staff will attempt contact in a non-threatening manner. 

If you are at risk or experiencing homelessness and would like to request help, please do NOT complete this form for yourself, but reach out to the Hardee Help Center @ 863-773-0034.

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