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What are families saying about their experience with us?

      “I was scared to ask for help. Case manager put me at ease.”

                                “I was made to feel very comfortable.  Everyone was very polite and seemed to actually care about my situation.”

“I had an overall great experience.  Thank you for being so caring.”


An elderly couple on limited income came into the office seeking food assistance due to both persons having to receive medical treatments.

The couple was assisted with 2 months mortgage, electric, and crisis food boxes. 

Case management connected the couple to an appropriate service that paid the remaining balance of their mortgage, provided electric assistance, and food gift cards.


A middle-aged, single parent experiencing additional expenses due their mother's burial fees came to the office seeking financial assistance.

The single parent was assisted with 1 month rent, and crisis food boxes. 

The single parent and children remained housed, and fed while their short-term situation stabilized. There was no risk for late fees, or potential eviction. 


A wife and mother experiencing the loss of income unexpectedly came to the office seeking financial assistance for the first time. The limited income remaining was insufficient to cover the expenses of the month affected by the unexpected loss of income. 

The woman was assisted with 1 month rent, and crisis food boxes. 

Case management connected the woman to appropriate services that paid an electric bill. The woman was assisted with preparing a personal budget to plan for the future months.

Hardee Help Center - STORIES

Do you have a story about how Hardee Help Center has affected your life? Share your story with us so that we can encourage others.

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Why no details?

From time to time we have the opportunity to share stories of families assisted through Hardee Help Center. However, we will never share specific details. We respect the confidentiality of a family's situation that leads them to receive assistance through one or more of our programs.  

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