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Financial Education (FREE)

It’s easy to overspend on impulse purchases. You go shopping with cash in your pocket or credit cards in your wallet and see all kinds of things you want: cell phones, clothes, eating out, electronic gadgets. You buy them, but there may be things you still want—and need.

So how do you decide what you really need—or want? Which is it? And, why is it important to recognize the difference?

Like most people, you probably want more things than you can afford to buy. When deciding on the best ways to spend your money, it helps to write down everything you need and everything you want. Needs are items essential for everyday living, such as food, housing, utilities. Wants are desired, but unnecessary for living items, such as concert tickets or the latest game downloads. Differentiating your needs from your wants can help you decide what’s truly important and help you set goals.


The 1.5-hour class is a first step in taking control of where your money is spent. Each class participant receives a certificate of completion.



UPCOMING DATES:            Cancelled - March 24th at 2 pm

                                           April 14th at 2 pm


LOCATION:                           HARDEE HELP CENTER

                                             713 E. BAY STREET

                                             WAUCHULA, FL 33873



REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Two days prior to class.

REGISTER BY EMAIL:           Contact Jill Vaillancourt (

Financial Resources

Other Financial tools below provide suggestions, information and tips to help you understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money.  Take greater control over your financial life.   Taking control over your knowledge and feelings is not always easy. Often people feel paralyzed to make important changes in their lives because we don’t know what to do or have negative feelings about changing.  But you can do it!  Taking control over how you spend, saving and investing is possible.


Download and Print your own Save Almost $1,400 in One Year Plan



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