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Nutrition Education (FREE)

Healthy Eating Class


Healthy eating - it really matters! What you eat matters. In fact, it may be more important than your genes in determining the diseases and quality of life you experience. When we eat better we feel better, and research conducted since the 1990s shows beyond all doubt that it is possible to lower our risk, and manage the most serious diseases of our time by following a healthy diet.  

But what is healthy eating?  It’s challenging to navigate the complex and often contradictory nutrition and dietary advice, and equally difficult to fit it into our busy, on-the-go lives.  And “healthy eating” has a bad rap – when done incorrectly it becomes a rigid diet, focuses on what you “can’t eat,” rips your favorite foods from your day, and translates into  “bland” and “flavorless” foods.  Yuck!  It's no wonder so few are excited to start or are able to continue with it for the long-term.

Register to attend this 1-hour class to learn the basics to healthy eating habits.


INSTRUCTOR:                                  Carolyn Wyatt, Retired Extension Agent III, Hardee Co. Extension Office

UPCOMING DATES/TIMES:             New dates coming soon

LOCATION:                           HARDEE HELP CENTER

                                             713 E. BAY STREET

                                             WAUCHULA, FL 33873



REGISTER BY EMAIL:          Contact Jill Vaillancourt (



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