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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. Will I receive my assistance on the same day I submit my application, or attend my interview appointment?

We will serve you when you visit our office, or attend your interview appointment. Our Case Manager will take you through our process to be considered for financial assistance, but we seldom can approve on either of these days.


2. How long does the process take?

It may take up anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to process your financial request, depending on your willingness to work with us to accomplish your requirements. 


3. My situation is an emergency. Will this be taken into account in approving my assistance faster?

How long have you known about your situation? How did it become an emergency? Approval within 3 days might only be considered in extenuating circumstances, and extreme situations.


4. What are your criteria for assisting?

We serve families on a first come first serve basis. However, a greater emphasis is placed on single parent households, and elderly. We take into account many things including the guest's needs and their efforts.


5. Why is your process so extensive?

We have been given the responsibility to be good stewards of the finances that our donors and contributors have provided. Since we may not know you, it is important for us to ask questions that will help us to make a wise decision. If we do know you, this due diligence process allows us to serve you in the best manner possible.


6. I do not have a government issued ID, will you still be able to assist me financially?

We will need photo identification, you may need to connect your local Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain a Florida ID or license.


7. What if I do not have 1 reference, and do you actually check them?

Our process requires this and we can not move forward until we have checked your references. Yes, we will check all references when the situation requires.


8. I am in need of food, not financial assistance.

Hardee County is blessed with several food pantries; including the Hardee Help Center's Food Pantry. Hardee Help Center can provide a list of several Hardee food pantries.


9. I am not a member of a local church, can I apply for assistance?

Yes, we welcome Hardee County residents who have experienced a situation or crisis that causes them to need assistance. If they are members of a church we encourage that they discuss this need with their home congregation first. If they do not have a home church, we will provide a listing of local churches, upon request.


10. Where do you receive your funding from?

Their are several agencies, business, civic organizations and individuals who are very generous. Through their generosity Hardee Help Center is able to assist in meeting the needs of others during their time of hardship.


11. What if I am not eligible for financial assistance?

We offer other in-house and referral services (on a space available basis) including different forms of counseling, support groups, financial education classes, subject matter classes, resume building, career coaching and counseling, all free of charge. These services are provided to assist you in stabilizing your financial situation as well as develop healthy biblical and financial practices for a more secure future.


12. What if I cannot attend my interview appointment?

You must give a 12-24hr notice that you will not be able to attend or your eligibility will be postponed, if there are no extenuating circumstances.


13. Can I take small children with me to the interview appointment?

To best serve you, and for you to process all the information provided it is best to make childcare arrangements. Interview appointments are normally 1.5 - 2 hours.

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