Emergency Assistance

The Emergency Assistance Program requires no monetary repayment or exchange for labor. The program is available to families who are experiencing a short-term hardship (i.e., an unexpected loss of income or an unexpected necessary expense), and who are unable or unlikely to obtain financial assistance due to their limited income. Program participants will receive case-management services to assist in identifying the main issues and goals in developing a strategy to alleviate their hardship.

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Hardee Help Center has resources in place to help you if you have lost your income, or have an unexpected, necessary expense. 


You may have been affected by an unexpected medical issues causing loss of time from work, the unexpected costs of a transportation repair, or a job layoff, we are here to help get you back on your feet again.

ASSISTANCE AMOUNTS: Hardee Help Center determines assistance amounts based on several factors. A complete Intake Assessment, an interview appointment, and supporting documentation are required before assistance can be determined. This process can take between 3 - 5 days. *There are no same-day rental and utility assistance provided.

Intake Assessments must be printed and can be submitted:

  • via-email (applications@hardeehelpcenter.com),

  • via-fax (863-773-0798), or

  • via-office (Monday - Friday; 8am - 12pm).


Hardee Help Center provides seven days of food

per eligible assistance. In addition to assortment of non-perishable items, families receive meat. When available vouchers for produce, dairy, and bread are provided.


Depending on the nature of the emergency, Hardee Help Center’s families can receive items such as:​

  • blankets, towels, pillows

  • dishes, utensils

  • household cleaning items

  • hygiene care items

  • school supplies

Assistance varies based on available donations.


Visit Limits: Families may visit Hardee Help Center for assistance a total of 3 times a year.

Required Documents: 

  1. Current Photo ID (Driver’s license is preferred)

  2. Current Proof of Address (utility bill, rent receipt, lease agreement, something that shows your current address)

  3. Proof of Hardship Situation


For more information on getting help from the food pantry, click here.

Hardee Help Center strives to maintain an excellent database of resources in order to refer families to when needs cannot be met through our in-house resources.  


For example, it could be that you need to finish high school, get help creating a resume, you may have been affected by the death of a family member who was the main bread-winner in your family and you have not worked in some time – to help get you back on your feet again we would refer you to appropriate agencies, such as:

  • Heartland Career Source

  • Peace River Electric Cooperative Operation Round Up

  • AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program 

  • And many others based on the situation


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